Monday, January 25, 2016

Crispr writeup due Wed 1/27

The CRISPR writeup is due Wednesday 1/27

The turn-in is through only

Period 1
Class ID: 11680032    Password: apbio1

Period 2
Class ID: 11680042    Password: apbio2

Period 3
Class ID: 11680046    Password: apbio3

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Unit 5 (Ch 13, 14, 15)

Unit 5 materials listed below:

Chapter 13

Ch 13 Vocabulary Quiz Answers

Chapter 14/15

Ch 14/15 Vocabulary Quiz Answers

Fly Lab Paperwork

Case Study Articles
#1 - It's All Greek to Me
#2 - Chemical Eric Can't See
#3 - More Than Meets the Eye
#4 - Giving Birth to Someone Else's Children ?
#5 - Bringing Back Baby Jason
#6 - A Right to Her Genes

Pedigrees powerpoint

Sunday, December 27, 2015


General assignment for Biotech
1)  Read Chapter 20
     There are many techniques described here, we will exploring a portion in our lab work

2) Cornell Notes - Chapter 20, pg 403-404 PCR - See calendar for due date

3) What is CRISPR? How is it important in biology?
     Read the text and articles in this link and this one
     Research the topic on your own
     Write one page on the impact of CRISPR for the future of biotech
     See calendar for due date

4) Amgen Biotech lab series
     Perform labs
     Carefully maintain your lab book - Use PCC Notebook Guidelines
     Write a report on results / error analysis
     See calendar for due date

5)  Biotech test encompassing lab series, chapter 20, and CRISPR

Biotech Unit Guidelines
Unit Guidelines
Points Distribution

Lab procedures
Biotech lab manual
PCR lab directions

Biotech techniques (chapter 20)
Biotech lab

Extra documentation
Detection of Alu by PCR

Using Micropipettes
Transforming Competent Cells
Bacterial Transformation
Recombinant DNA
Mr. Anderson - Biotech Lab

Gel Electrophoresis Results

Period 1

Period 2

Period 3

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