Monday, May 23, 2016

Stem Cell Lab 5/23


If I did not get a typed debate for your lab group, yoiu only received participation  points 6/36. I do not have a typed paper from the following:

Per 2:
Paula, Julie, Calvin, Patrisha, Brigitte,Caia, Edward

Per 3: Brian Sam

Please email this to Karol ASAP!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Stem Cell Lab 5/22

Hi Class,

After grading your lab quiz, I have decided to drop the quiz and will not include it in your final total. I appreciate your efforts. Answers below:

1. ESCs need MEF and LIF to maintain a pluripotent state. AP does not make ESCs undifferentiated. They are just present during this stage.

2. When describing the ESC colonies you should have described its SHAPE, SIZE, BORDER and whether or not MEFs was present. Since the colonies were NOT stained, you should not have described the color.

3. The colony in #2 should stain a dark/intense/bright pink or purple color since it is an UNDIFFERENTIATED colony.

4. Alkaline phosphatase is enzyme found in undifferentiated colonies

5. iPSC, ESC and adult stem cells will probably stain positive for AP since these stem cells are UNDIFFERENTIATED or at least partially differentiated

6. LIF signals to SELF RENEW

7. NO LIF signals to differentiate

8. extra credit: Velekei


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Stem Cell Lab 5/19


If you are having problems with posting, whether it is replying to my blog or commenting on someone else's post, please email me your response and tell me: who are you replying to, under which of my POST does it relate to. 

I will post for you. 




Tomorrow's debate:

Presentation of arguments (2 min/group max)
First group: 2 min
Opposing group: 2 min

First group rebuttal: 1.5 min max
Opposing group: 1.5 min max

Closing arguments: 30 sec/group (optional)

Your group will be cut off if you've reached your max time allowed per section.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Stem Cell Lab 5/17


Hi Class, blog assignment due Thursday at 9PM. There is a timestamp when you post so I will know if you are late. If you post late, you will get partial credit. Please ask questions if you need clarification on the blog assignment. The attachment was sent out to you last Tuesday.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Stem Cell Lab 5/14

Hi Class:

Pasadena City College Biological Technology Program and CIRM interns will be hosting a Stem Cell 1 day workshop at PCC on Saturday May 21. You will be introduced to our training facility and Mammalian Cell Culture lab. The workshop will consist of various rotating stations where students will learn to thaw, freeze, subculture, and many other techniques relating to stem cell research. It is ALL hands on. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. You will need to find your own transportation to and from PCC and must get approval from your parents. If you come, you are committed to stay for the day. 

Info is attached.

If interested, come during lunch Monday and we will hold a lottery.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Stem Cell Lab 5/11


Stem Cell lecture will resume Monday May 16
Pilot study group, please meet me FRIDAY May 13 (after school) in Mr. Velekei's classroom.

You will have a lab on Tuesday May 17. Attached, you will find the lab. Please read ahead so that you have some background information before Monday's lecture. 

Please return the photo release form to your teacher ASAP.

Lab Attire:

Everyone--long pants (no leggings), closed toe shoes (no sandals, flip flops)
Ladies or anyone with long hair--tied in bun, not a ponytail

If you are not dressed appropriately for lab, you will get a "0" for the day.

Don't forget to look at your blog!

Lab Document for Tuesday May 17