Monday, August 17, 2015

The 4 Big Ideas 2015-16

If you were out of class for the class-level meetings on:
Tuesday Aug. 18 (juniors per. 3)
Our in-class work is below.  It is DUE WED AUG 19

If you were in class - lucky you! You did it already!

The directions are found in the '4 Big Ideas Assignment' pdf

The video link will not work in the pdf, so it is given separately

The folder contains many articles you can choose from

4 Big Ideas Assignment

'Emergence' Video Link

Folder of Articles

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer Work 2015-2016

Tuesday July 7 2015

I hope all of you are enjoying your summer - Here's the information you've all been waiting for!

First - If you have any friends who have not yet signed up to follow by email - ASK THEM TO DO SO!

Second - As we approach the beginning of the school year  please take a look at the class calendar.
as we get into August,  I will have the information for the first unit on here, it will give you an idea on how the class operates, and how to plan out your time.

Your summer work consists of two main parts:

Part 1
We will be jumping into a lab (and associated quiz) on the first week about the statistical tools used in biology.  I have linked to several videos and powerpoint pdf files to get you prepared - Look at them all!
They will all be very helpful reference over the course of the year, and will be needed for the AP test.

I know this seems stats heavy to begin with, but remember, this is not a stats course, however statistics and science go hand-in-hand, and both the AP test, and your future college courses will emphasize that!

Notes from Videos
You will be asked to view a number of videos online throughout the semester in addition to or in lieu of lecture in class.  You will take notes on these videos in the following manner:
  • You will Title the page with the video title and date viewed. 
  • You will take notes on key concepts presented in the video. 
  • You may record your notes however they are most useful to you (numbered, bulleted, graphically organized (flow chart, Venn diagram…)  You may want to record diagrams as presented, or make a concept map.  It must be neat!
Following your notes, please title a section “Summary Paragraph”.  Write at least one paragraph (including an introduction, and minimum 6 supporting sentences) about what you learned in this video segment.  Be specific and give examples.  For example:

Title:  Enzyme Action
Date Viewed:  July 7, 2015

  • Enzymes are catalysts
  • Enzymes speed up chemical reactions; decreasing energy needed for reaction
  • Active site on enzyme substrat(reactant) goes into.
  • Lock and Key analogy
Summary Paragraph:

Enzymes are proteins that function as catalysts.  Enzymes speed up chemical reactions by decreasing the amount of energy required for a reaction to take place.  Enzymes have an active site that the substrate acts on and forms a product. Enzymes work like a lock and key; if the key fits the door opens: if the substrate fits the active site then a chemical reaction takes place.

Video: The 4 Big Ideas
Video: Hierarchy of Life
Video: Statistics in Science
Video: Standard Deviation
Video: Standard Error
- You will turn in video notes for the above FIVE videos on Friday August 21.

PDF:  Graphing
PDF:  Data Analysis

Notes General Guidelines
  • You do NOT need to take notes for the two pdf powerpoints.
  • All notes must be Handwritten.
  • Video notes do NOT need to be Cornell style unless that is how you wish to take them.

Part 2
Each chapter we cover will have a vocabulary quiz, this quiz will consist of 5 randomly drawn terms from the chapter 51 vocabulary list below, and ONE randomly drawn term from the Greek/Latin roots list.  The Greek/Latin term is extra credit, enabling a 6/5 on the quiz, if you get the 5 other terms correct.  You will need to define the chapter vocabulary terms yourself, unless noted, you should use the book's glossary. Since you don't have the book yet, I've also attached the glossary.

Our first vocabulary quiz is not until Monday, Aug. 24, but I know some of you like to get ahead!
I have also attached a pdf file of the chapter we will be starting on that date for you to read in advance.


See you guys soon!!

Mr. V